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Hello F-list!

I'm leaving Singapore on Saturday morning and Horrah! real holidays start!
Since I'm going to have too much time on my hands might so well go shopping

1) Taobao Service. The usual 4.5 RMB to 1 SGD
Coffee Filter Panniers
Quick review of these awesome panniers: Huge volume comes from one layer of mega stiff mesh, your legs will feel very airy~~~ To hell with singapore's heat. Downside: some light skirts tend to look lumpy on it, a soft pannier is recommended to soften the shape, also please wear bloomers.
Note: The pannier will be 30% off with purchase of dresses/skirts from surface spell. They have some nice stuff and are well made!Secretshop Shoes
need I say more?
Jesus Diamante

2) Hong Kong Yahoo! Auctions
Victorian Maiden (1,2,3)
Mary magdelene (1)
Innocent World (1,2,3)
Shirley/Emily temple
There is quite some brand on the forums but you need to sign up

3) Physical Store: H&M? Dollheart?

Spam away with shopping prz!

edit: I will start sending orders as soon as I settle down in HK
edit edit:
There will be an order coming from this taobao site
Anyone want to hitch?
Secretshop shoes
Mint Drop shoes
"As seen in Japanese Magazine" shoes
Custom Shoes
Custom Boots
BJD shoes
colours are customizable for BJD & custom shoes